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Peer X-Press

Your cover letter should specify the names and affiliations of all authors, the full title of the manuscript, the name of the journal, the corresponding author's e-mail address, and any special section requests or any other special requests. Please also explain why you feel your manuscript is appropriate for publication in this journal.

Before submitting your manuscript, please gather the following information:

  • For all authors:
    • First name, middle initial, and last name
    • E-mail address
    • Work telephone number
    • Work fax number
    • Postal address (corresponding author at least)
  • Title, and Running Title if required
  • Abstract
  • Subject-matter keywords (at least 3) that best describe the research being reported
  • Contact information (name, e-mail address, and institution) of suggested and/or excluded reviewers (if any)
  • Cover letter file

Please submit your manuscript and cover letter via Peer X-Press, AIP's online journal submission system. To submit a manuscript to a particular journal, please click on the journal's name below, which will take you to the journal's submission site.

AIP Journals

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Submission checklist

A printable checklist is available to guide authors through the submission process for AIP journals. Please review the checklist before submitting your manuscript.

Manuscript status

After submission, you may check on the status of your paper during the peer review process by clicking on the journal links above. The editorial office will contact you via email when a decision has been reached concerning the publication of your article. Once your article has been accepted, and is being processed, you can check its status using AIP's Accepted Manuscript Status Inquiry System, AMSIS.

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