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The American Institute of Physics offers an alternative choice to authors publishing in its journals through AIP’s Author Select initiative, which gives authors the option to choose open access for their published article. By supporting publication and archiving costs through payment of a set fee, authors can provide free online access to their published article, in perpetuity, to any online user. A subscription to the online journal will not be required to access full-text versions of these open access articles. In addition, authors will retain copyright to their articles, which will be published under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.1 In choosing Author Select, authors are able to fully comply with many funding agency mandates and open access requirements.

The Editor(s) and reviewers are not informed of an author’s choice concerning open access; thus, the author’s decision in this regard will have no impact on any aspect of the peer review process or on an Editor’s ultimate decision regarding publication. The peer review process will proceed normally regardless of an author’s choice of conventional or open access publication.

When deciding on participation in the Author Select initiative, authors should note that payment of the open access fee covers regular page charges, color printing, and mandatory excess page fees, but does not cover charges for reprints. The Author Select fee for AIP’s journals is $2200 per article.2

As of October 2006, the Society of Rheology adopted AIP's Author Select initiative for its journal, the Journal of Rheology. The Author Select fee for the Society of Rheology is $2500 per article.

1Use of the CC-BY license for Author Select articles will apply for all papers published after April 1, 2013.

2 The $2200 fee will apply for Author Select articles published after March 22, 2013.

Journal Title Author Select® Fee
Applied Physics Letters $1800
Biomicrofluidics $1500
Chaos $1500
Journal of Applied Physics $1800
The Journal of Chemical Physics $1500
Journal of Mathematical Physics $1500
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy $1500
Physics of Fluids $1500
Physics of Plasmas $1800
Review of Scientific Instruments $1500

The Author Select® fees for the Society of Rheology are:

Journal Title Author Select® Fee
Journal of Rheology $2500
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