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  • The corresponding author must have the approval of all other listed authors for the submission and publication of all versions of the manuscript.
  • Anyone who has made independent contributions to the manuscript should be invited to become a coauthor.
  • The submitted manuscript must contain unpublished original work and not be under consideration for publication by any other journal, other than in oral, poster or abstract formats. Duplicate publications are never acceptable.
  • The authors' central obligation is to present a concise, accurate account of the research and an objective discussion of its significance. A paper should contain sufficient detail and references to public sources of information to permit others to repeat the work.
  • Plagiarism or self-plagiarism constitutes unethical scientific behavior and is never acceptable.
  • Any part of the submitted manuscript that derives from prior published work, including work by the same authors, must be properly cited.
  • Fragmentation of research papers is not acceptable. Publications should be organized so that each paper gives a complete account of a particular aspect of the research.
  • Criticism of a paper in either a Comment or article must be professional, substantive, and free of polemics.
  • If any of the preceding guidelines ceases to be true, the authors have a duty to notify the Editor as soon as possible so that corrective action can be taken.
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