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AIP's mission and policy is to achieve the widest dissemination of the research results and other information we publish.

  • Since the arrival of the Web, AIP believes it has achieved wider and more affordable dissemination than ever before in history, with more subscribers, more readers and more libraries and other institutions and people using our journals than ever before. Some use them free or at very low cost under various open access models.
  • AIP believes it has been extremely successful in using and investing in technology and new online platforms towards that end.
  • AIP has instituted and experimented with many business models, including free and open access.

AIP believes that publishers should be free to experiment with various business models in the marketplace of ideas and economics.

  • AIP is fearful of and against government mandates that provide rules in favor of one business model over another.
  • AIP is against funding agencies mandating free access to articles after they have undergone costly peer review or editing by publishers.

AIP is against the government posting or distributing free copies of articles that publishers have invested in producing.

  • AIP believes that funding agencies have every right to report their results to the public, but that if they choose to use publisher-produced, peer-reviewed material to do that, then the publisher should receive appropriate compensation.
  • AIP is also fearful about what government agencies might do with articles they receive under any deposit system. In particular, AIP is fearful of mission creep with government agencies using the deposited material beyond the goal of public access, for example, in enhanced publications that compete with the private sector.

October 2006

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