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New Citation Format

Beginning in January 2013 (Volume 40 Issue 1), Medical Physics pages will be identified by six digit citation numbers (CIDs) rather than by traditional page numbers. In each issue, articles will continue to be published online in the order in which they are accepted for publication.

For any article, the structure of the six-digit CID is: The issue will be identified as a two-digit number from 01 to 12 at the beginning of the CID. The CID’s middle two digits (01–99) will denote the article type or subject area. The final two digits (01–99) will describe the order of the article in the type or subject area. Beginning in 2013, the correct citation for Medical Physics articles is depicted in the fictitious example below:

D. Smith and E. Jones, “Comparison of deformable registration methods for CT-based tumor localization,” Med. Phys. 40, 010403 (7pp) (2013).

In this example, the CID 010403 states that the article is published in issue 1 of volume 40 (2013), and is the third article in the subject area 04 of the issue. In the full-text PDF file of the article available online and in print, the CID appears on each printed page. Appended at the end of the CID is a hyphen followed by a consecutive page number. For the sample article above, the PDF would carry this page numbering: 010403-1, 010403-2, 010403-3, etc. The hyphen and additional digits should not be used when citing or searching for an article.

Questions and comments about citation identifiers should be directed to the Office of the Journal Manager at

Medical Physics open access papers

The Editorial Board of Medical Physics and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Journal Business Management Committee are committed to the dissemination of scientific information important to all medical physicists, not just those who subscribe to the journal. Toward this objective, many of the articles published in Medical Physics are available at no cost and can be accessed without a password. You will find the following collections.

  • Medical Physics Letters
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