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Welcome to the American Journal of Physics (AJP). AJP publishes papers that meet the needs and intellectual interests of college and university physics teachers and students. This Journal was established in 1933 under the title the American Physics Teacher, which covers Volumes 1 through 7. The name was changed to the American Journal of Physics in 1940.

Editor's Picks

  • Video analysis of sliding chains: A dynamic model based on variable-mass systems
  • Electromagnetic mirrors in the sky: Accessible applications of Maxwell's equations
  • Visualizing <span class=Interstellar's Wormhole" title="Visualizing 's Wormhole" />
  • The plucked string: An example of non-normal dynamics
  • Experimentally determining the locations of two astigmatic images for an underwater light source
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ISSN: 0002-9505
E-ISSN: 1943-2909

Agency: American Association of Physics Teachers

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