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In this study, n-ZnO thin films were electrochemically deposited on p-GaAs:Zn substrates. The XRD results of ZnO thin films deposited on p-GaAs:Zn substrates at potentials varied from −0.9 V to −1.2 V show a strong c-axis (002) orientation and homogeneity. The current-voltage characteristics exhibit rectification, proving a low turn-on voltage and an ideality factor of 4.71. The n-ZnO/p-GaAs heterostructures show blue-white electroluminescence (EL) emission, which is composed of broad emission bands. In addition to these broad peaks, stimulated emission also appear on the top of the spectra due to the multiple reflections from the mirror like surfaces of ZnO-ZnO and ZnO-GaAs interfaces. Besides, three broad photoluminescence (PL) emission peaks have also been observed peaking at respectively around 3.36 eV, 3.28 eV and 3.07 eV generally attributed to the near bandedge emission, the residual donor level and deep level emission due to the localized defects, respectively.


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