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Magnetic, electrical and magnetodielectric properties have been studied in Co-Ti co-doped M-type hexaferrite BaCoTiFeO ( = 0 ∼ 4). With the incorporation of Co-Ti, both their ferromagnetic magnetization and coercivity have been greatly changed. The temperature dependent magnetization curve shows a apparent hump at around 420 K, likely in association with more complicated cycloidal spin ordering, which is closely related to ferroelectric polarization. Interestingly, a significantly enhancement in resistivity (∼3 orders in magnitude) can be obtained in co-doped samples (x > 2), which is beneficial for magnetoelectric properties. The magnetoelectric effect were examined by dielectric tunibility under external magnetic field, which shows apparent tunability up to ∼−3% for sample with = 2 at 1T magnetic field, further supporting it is a room temperature single phase mutliferroic material.


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