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The suitability of Si as an n-type dopant in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) wide bandgap semiconductor has been investigated. Si doped hBN epilayers were grown via in-situ Si doping by metal organic chemical vapor deposition technique. Hall effect measurements revealed that Si doped hBN epilayers exhibit n-type conduction at high temperatures (T > 800 K) with an in-plane resistivity of ∼12 Ω·cm, electron mobility of μ ∼ 48 cm2/V·s and concentration of n ∼ 1 × 1016 cm−3. Temperature dependent resistivity results yielded a Si energy level in hBN of about 1.2 eV, which is consistent with a previously calculated value for Si substitutionally incorporated into the B sites in hBN. The results therefore indicate that Si is not a suitable dopant for hBN for room temperature device applications.


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