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Spectroscopic analysis of phase constitution of high quality VO2 thin film prepared by facile sol-gel method
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VO thin films with large-area were prepared on AlO substrates by a simple sol-gel method. After an annealing treatment under low vacuum condition, all the VO films showed a preferred growth direction and exhibited excellent semiconductor-metal transition (SMT) characteristics. The structure and electrical properties of the obtained VO films were investigated systematically. Raman spectra, X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectra measurements pointed out that the VO film on substrate showed a M1 phase instead of M2 phase as reported in previous studies. Based on the experiment results, it was suggested that the strained structure of oriented VO films could be a mechanism for the formation of the intermediate M2 phase, whereas it is difficult to access the pure M2 phase of undoped VO films. VO film on substrate showed a lower SMT temperature compared to VO film on AlO (0001), which can be mostly attributed to the differences of both lattice mismatch and thermal stress. The present results confirm and make clear the relevance of the substrate orientation in the growth of VO film and their different contributions to the SMT characteristics in vanadate systems.


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Scitation: Spectroscopic analysis of phase constitution of high quality VO2 thin film prepared by facile sol-gel method