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Bulk LaCaMnO (LCMO) and NdGaO (NGO) have the same symmetry but different orthorhombic lattice distortions, yielding an anisotropic strain state in the LCMO epitaxial film grown on the NGO(001) substrate. The films are optimally doped in a ferromagnetic-metal ground state, after being annealed in oxygen atmosphere, however, they show strikingly an antiferromagnetic-insulating (AFI) transition near 250 K, leading to a phase separation state with tunable phase instability at the temperatures below. To explain this drastic strain effect, the films with various thicknesses were annealed under various annealing parameters. We demonstrate that the annealing can surprisingly improve the epitaxial quality, resulting in the films with true substrate coherency and the AFI ground state. And the close linkage between the film morphology and electronic phase evolution implies that the strain-mediated octahedral deformation and rotation could be assisted by annealing, and moreover, play a key role in controlling the properties of oxide heterostructures.


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