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Brush-like SnO2/ZnO hierarchical nanostructure: Synthesis, characterization and application in UV photoresponse
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Brush-like hierarchical SnO/ZnO nanostructure with high surface to volume ratio was synthesized by a two-step growth method. In the first growth stage, SnO nanowires were fabricated by vapor transport method. In the second growth stage, ZnO nanorods were hydrothermally grown up around the SnO nanowires to form brush-like SnO/ZnO hierarchical structure. The structure morphology was characterized by X-ray diffraction, field emission scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The oxygen vacancy related photoluminescence from the nanostructure was investigated based on the XPS result. A UV photodetector was realized using the brush-like SnO/ZnO nanostructure as active layer. The device showed good reversibility and response speed.


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Scitation: Brush-like SnO2/ZnO hierarchical nanostructure: Synthesis, characterization and application in UV photoresponse