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The electron-phonon interactions in InN-GaN core-shell nanowires grown by plasma assisted- molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) on Si (111) substrate have been analysed using micro-Raman spectroscopic technique with the excitation wavelength of 633, 488 and 325 nm. The Raman scattering at 633 nm reveals the characteristic E (high) and A (LO) phonon mode of InN core at 490 and 590 cm respectively and E (high) phonon mode of GaN shell at 573 cm. The free carrier concentration of InN core is found to be low in the order ∼ 10 cm due to the screening of charge carriers by thin GaN shell. Diameter of InN core evaluated using the spatial correlation model is consistent with the transmission electron microscopic measurement of ∼15 nm. The phonon-life time of core-shell nanowire structure is estimated to be ∼0.4 ps. The micro-Raman mapping and its corresponding localised spectra for 325 nm excitation exhibit intense E (high) phonon mode of GaN shell at 573 cm as the decrease of laser interaction length and the signal intensity is quenched at the voids due to high spacing of NWs.


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