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We have fabricated a symmetric electrochemical capacitor with high energy and power densities based on a composite of graphene foam (GF) with ∼80 wt% of manganese oxide (MnO) deposited by hydrothermal synthesis. Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction measurements showed the presence of nanocrystalline MnO on the GF, while scanning and transmission electron microscopies showed needle-like manganese oxide coated and anchored onto the surface of graphene. Electrochemical measurements of the composite electrode gave a specific capacitance of 240 Fg at a current density of 0.1 Ag for symmetric supercapacitors using a two-electrode configuration. A maximum energy density of 8.3 Whkg was obtained, with power density of 20 kWkg and no capacitance loss after 1000 cycles. GF is an excellent support for pseudo-capacitive oxide materials such as MnO, and the composite electrode provided a high energy density due to a combination of double-layer and redox capacitance mechanisms.


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