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Al O was deposited by reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering at 600 °C onto pre-deposited TiAlC(0001) thin films on α-AlO(0001) substrates. The Al O was deposited to a thickness of 65 nm and formed an adherent layer of epitaxial γ-AlO(111) as shown by transmission electron microscopy. The demonstration of epitaxial growth of γ-AlO on TiAlC(0001) open prospects for growth of crystalline alumina as protective coatings on TiAlC and related nanolaminated materials. The crystallographic orientation relationships are γ-AlO(111)//TiAlC(0001) (out-of-plane) and (in-plane) as determined by electron diffraction. Annealing in vacuum at 900 °C resulted in partial decomposition of the TiAlC by depletion of Al and diffusion into and through the γ-AlO layer.


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