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Large scale electronic phase separation (EPS) between ferromagnetic metallic and charge-ordered insulating phases in LaPrCaMnO (y = 0.3) (LPCMO) is very sensitive to the structural changes. This work investigates the effects of post-annealing on the strain states and electrical transport properties of LPCMO films epitaxially grown on (001) SrTiO (tensile strain), LaAlO (compressive strain) and NdGaO (near-zero strain) substrates. Before annealing, all the films are coherent-epitaxial and insulating through the measured temperature range. Obvious change of film lattice is observed during the post-annealing: the in-plane strain in LPCMO/LAO varies from −1.5% to −0.1% while that in LPCMO/STO changes from 1.6% to 1.3%, and the lattice of LPCMO/NGO keeps constant because of the good lattice-match between LPCMO and NGO. Consequently, the varied film strain leads to the emergence of metal-insulator transitions (MIT) and shift of the critical transition temperature in the electrical transport. These results demonstrate that lattice-mismatch combined with post-annealing is an effective approach to tune strain in epitaxial LPCMO films, and thus to control the EPS and MIT in the films.


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