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A transparent polymer-based resistive switching device containing InO nanocrystals (NCs) is fabricated, and its nonvolatile memory characteristics are evaluated. Very clear reversible counter-clockwise bipolar-type resistive switching phenomena are observed. Stable retention is demonstrated. An Analysis of the temperature dependence of the bistable resistance states reveals additional features, not reported in previous studies, that the observed resistance switching is due to oxygen ions drift-induced redox reactions at the polymer/InO NCs interface. The RESET and SET switching times (τ and τ), which are defined as pulse widths extrapolated by the steepest slopes in the transition region, are τ ∼ 550 nsec and τ ∼ 900 nsec. The authors propose that microscopic potential modification occurring near the polymer/InO NCs boundaries plays a key role in determining resistive switching properties.


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