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Relative humidity (RH) sensing properties of zinc oxide nanofibers (ZNF), synthesized using electrospinning technique, were studied by impedance spectroscopy. RH sensors were fabricated with two different electrodes (Au and Ni) using lithography on top of the nanofibers deposited on Si/SiO substrate. Compare with the Ni electrode sensor, Au electrode sensor exhibits larger sensitivity and quicker response/recovery. Capacitance, electrical conductivity and electrical modulus were studied at 40%-90% RH as a function of the frequency of the applied AC signal in the frequency range of 10−2-106 Hz. The corresponding response and recovery times are 3s and 5s for Au, and 6s and 10s for Ni electrode sensor, respectively. The sensors exhibited a reversible response with small hysteresis of less than 4% and 12% for Au and Ni electrodes respectively. Stability of the sensor device with Au electrode was confirmed by testing the device for 13 days. The excellent sensing characteristics and comparison of sensors with different electrode materials may offer an effective route for designing and optimizing RH sensors.


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