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We have grown InGaN/GaN heterostructures using plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy and studied the temperature dependent electrical transport characteristics. The barrier height () and the ideally factor () estimated using thermionic emission model were found to be temperature dependent. The conventional Richardson plot of (/ 2) versus showed two temperature regions (region-I: 400–500 K and region-II: 200–350 K) and it provides Richardson constants ( ) which are much lower than the theoretical value of GaN. The observed variation in the barrier height and the presence of two temperature regions were attributed to spatial barrier inhomogeneities at the heterojunction interface and was explained by assuming a double Gaussian distribution of barrier heights with mean barrier height values 1.61 and 1.21 eV with standard deviation ( 2) of 0.044 and 0.022 V, respectively. The modified Richardson plot of (/ 2) − ( 2 2/2 2 2) versus for two temperature regions gave mean barrier height values as 1.61 eV and 1.22 eV with Richardson constants ( ) values 25.5 Acm−2K−2 and 43.9 Acm−2K−2, respectively, which are very close to the theoretical value. The observed barrier height inhomogeneities were interpreted on the basis of the existence of a double Gaussian distribution of barrier heights at the interface.


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