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30. The Fe-rich composition of Fe:Co = 11:1 was used for the sample C because the magnitude of the magnetic field used in this study is too small to saturate the magnetization of CFO films with the composition of Fe:Co = 3:1 grown on MgO(001) along the hard axis ([100]).
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The longitudinal spin-Seebeck effect (LSSE) has been investigated in cobalt ferrite (CFO), an exceptionally hard magnetic spinel ferrite. A bilayer of a polycrystalline Pt and an epitaxially-strained CFO(110) exhibiting an in-plane uniaxial anisotropy was prepared by reactive rf sputtering technique. Thermally generated spin voltage in the CFO layer was measured via the inverse spin-Hall effect in the Pt layer. External-magnetic-field () dependence of the LSSE voltage ( ) in the Pt/CFO(110) sample with ∥ [001] was found to exhibit a hysteresis loop with a high squareness ratio and high coercivity, while that with shows a nearly closed loop, reflecting the different anisotropies induced by the epitaxial strain. The magnitude of has a linear relationship with the temperature difference (Δ), giving the relatively large of about 3 V/K for CFO(110) which was kept even at zero external field.


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