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40.See supplementary material at for XRD patterns of the CH3NH3PbI3 films with varying thickness on FTO coated glasses in FIG S2.[Supplementary Material]

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We report on fabrication of organic-inorganicperovskitethin films using a hybrid method consisting of pulsed laser deposition(PLD) of lead iodide and spin-coating of methylammonium iodide. Smooth and highly crystalline CHNHPbIthin films have been fabricated on silicon and glass coated substrates with fluorine doped tin oxide using this PLD-based hybrid method. Planar perovskite solar cells with an inverted structure have been successfully fabricated using the perovskitefilms. Because of its versatility, the PLD-based hybridfabrication method not only provides an easy and precise control of the thickness of the perovskitethin films, but also offers a straightforward platform for studying the potential feasibility in using other metal halides and organic salts for formation of the organic-inorganicperovskitestructure.


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