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Cost effective, high performance dielectriccomposites based on polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose fibers and polyaniline were prepared and the dielectric properties were studied as a function of fiber content, fiber dimensions and polyaniline content over a frequency range of 40 Hz to 30 MHz. The short cellulose fibers were size-reduced to micro and nano levels prior to coating with polyaniline. Fiber surface was coated with Polyaniline(PANI) by an in situ polymerization technique in aqueous medium. The composites were then prepared by solution casting method. Short cellulose fiber composites showed a dielectric constant (DEC) of 2.3 x 105 at 40 Hz. For the micro- and nano- cellulose fiber composites the DEC was increased to 4.5 x 105 and 1.3 x 108, respectively. To gain insight into the inflection point of the dielectric data polynomial regression analysis was carried out. The loss tangent of all the composites remained at less than 1.5. Further, AC conductivity, real and imaginary electric moduli of all the composites were evaluated. PVA nanocomposite attained an AC conductivity of 3 S/m. These showed that by controlling the size of the fiber used, it was possible to tune the permittivity and dielectric loss to desired values over a wide range. These novel nanocomposites, combining high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, can be effectively used in applications such as high-charge storage capacitors.


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