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The results of a comprehensive study of magnetic, magneto-transport and structural properties of nonstoichiometric MnSi ( ≈ 0.51-0.52) filmsgrown by the Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technique onto AlO(0001) single crystal substrates at = 340°C are present. A highlight of used PLD method is the non-conventional (“shadow”) geometry with Kr as a scattering gas during the sample growth. It is found that the films exhibit high-temperature (HT) ferromagnetism (FM) with the Curie temperature ∼ 370 K accompanied by positive sign anomalous Hall effect (AHE); they also reveal the polycrystalline structure with unusual distribution of grains in size and shape. It is established that HT FM order is originated from the bottom interfacial self-organizing nanocrystalline layer. The upper layer adopted columnar structure with the lateral grain size ≥50 nm, possesses low temperature (LT) type of FM order with ≈ 46 K and contributes essentially to the magnetization at ≤ 50 K. Under these conditions, AHE changes its sign from positive to negative at ≤ 30K. We attribute observed properties to the synergy of distribution of MnSi crystallites in size and shape as well as peculiarities of defect-induced FM order in shadow geometry grown polycrystalline MnSi ( ∼ 0.5) films.


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