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We have recently reported that the superconducting transition temperature of FeTeSe flakes attached onto commercial Scotch tape can be enhanced by about 1-2 K due to a thermal-mismatch induced compressive strain. In this work, we further investigated the Scotch tape effect on structural variation of FeTeSe and FeTe flakes by X-ray diffraction measurements. We show that for FeTeSe, the lattice constant of taped flakes is elongated by about 0.5% at 15 K as compared with bulk crystal. Upon warming from 15 K, the lattice constant of the taped flakes first levels off then displays negative thermal expansion followed by monotonic increase at temperatures above 100 K. For antiferromagnetic FeTe, the structural transition around 70 K is remarkably broadened by about 2 K. The present results demonstrate that the Scotch tape is a simple and effective tool to probe structure sensitive physical properties of layered materials.


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