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In order to improve the reliability of TFT, an AlO insulating layer is inserted between active fluorine doped indium zinc oxide (IZO:F) thin films to form a sandwiched triple layer. All the thin films were fabricated via low-cost sol-gel process. Due to its large energy bandgap and high bonding energy with oxygen atoms, the AlO layer acts as a photo-induced positive charge blocking layer that effectively blocks the migration of both holes and V 2+ toward the interface between the gate insulator and the semiconductor. The inserted AlO triple layer exhibits a noticeably low turn on voltage shift of −0.7 V under NBIS as well as the good TFT performance with a mobility of 10.9 cm2/V ⋅ s. We anticipate that this approach can be used to solve the stability issues such as NBIS, which is caused by inescapable oxygen vacancies.


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