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Vanadium Oxide has been a frontrunner in the field of oxide electronics because of its metal-insulator transition (MIT). The interplay of different structures of VO has played a crucial role in deciding the magnitude of the first order MIT. Substitution doping has been found to introduce different polymorphs of VO. Hence the role of substitution doping in stabilizing the competing phases of VO in the thin film form remains underexplored. Consequently there have been reports both discounting and approving such a stabilization of competing phases in VO. It is reported in the literature that the bandwidth of the hysteresis and transition temperature of VO can be tuned by substitutional doping of VO with W. In this work, we have adopted a novel technique called, Ultrasonic Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis of Aqueous Combustion Mixture (UNSPACM) to deposit VO and W- doped VO as thin films.XRD and Raman spectroscopy were used to investigate the role of tungsten on the structure of VOthin films. Morphology of the thin films was found to be consisting of globular and porous nanoparticles of size ∼ 20nm. Transition temperature decreased with the addition of W. We found that for 2.0 at % W doping in VO, the transition temperature has reduced from 68 C to 25 C. It is noted that W-doping in the process of reducing the transition temperature, alters the local structure and also increases room temperature carrier concentration.


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