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We report magnetism and structure of a diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn[GaCo]O preferentially doped with Co ions in the octahedral site of zinc gallate ZnGaO. Zn[GaCo]O has a small ferromagnetic component superimposed on a large paramagnetic contribution to the magnetization at room temperature, whereas ZnGaO is diamagnetic. The X-raypowderdiffraction confirms that both ZnGaO and Zn[GaCo]O have a normal spinel structure (space group ) without any impurity phases. From X-rayabsorption fine structure measurements we find the following features in Zn[GaCo]O; all of the Co dopants occupy the octahedral site, about half of which are divalent; around the Co cations there exist the oxygen vacancies and the local distortion of shrink in pair distance, while the local structure around Zn and Ga ions coincides with that expected from the X-ray diffraction. These features suggest that the local disorder including oxygen vacancies and distortions only around Co ions plays an important role in stabilizing the ferromagnetic order between some Co ions in Zn[GaCo]O.


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