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In 1 (fct)-FePt thin films, both tuning Fe and Pt concentrations and substitution with third-metal were studied for magnetic characteristic optimization. We investigated single-crystalline FePt- ( = Mn, Ni, Cu) thin films grown epitaxially on MgO(001) substrates at a substrate temperature of 350  °C by changing Fe, Pt, and contents, and explored the effects of off-stoichiometry and 3-metal-substitution. The magnetic moment per atom () of FePt-films as a function of the effective number of valence electrons () in 3metal sites follows the Slater-Pauling-type trend, by which decreases by the deviation from = 8, independently of the metal and the Pt concentration. The magnetic anisotropy () exhibits dependence similar to . This trend was almost independent of the Pt concentration after compensation using the theoretical prediction on the relation between and Fe/Pt concentrations. Such a trend has been proved for stoichiometric FePt-films, but it was clarified as robust against off-stoichiometry. The compensated () of FePt-Mn and FePt-Cu followed a similar trend to that predicted by the rigid-band model, although the of the FePt-Mn thin films dropped more rapidly than the rigid band calculation. However, it followed the recent first-principles calculation.


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