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The dependence of perpendicular magnetization and Curie temperature (T) of Pt/Co/Pt thin films on the thicknesses of Pt seed (Pt) and presence of Tabuffer layer has been investigated in this work. Pt and Co thicknesses were varied between 2 to 8 nm and 0.35 to 1.31 nm (across the spin reorientation transition thickness) respectively and the T was measured using SQUID magnetometer. We have observed a systematic dependence of T on the thickness of Pt. For 8nm thickness of Pt the Co layer of 0.35nm showed ferromagnetism with perpendicular anisotropy at room temperature. As the thickness of the Pt was decreased to 2nm, the T went down below 250K. XRD data indicated polycrystalline growth of Pt on SiO. On the contrary Tabuffer layer promoted the growth of Pt(111). As a consequence Ta(5nm)/Pt(3nm)/Co(0.35nm)/Pt(2nm) had much higher T (above 300K) with perpendicular anisotropy when compared to the same stack without the Ta layer. Thus we could tune the ferromagnetic T and anisotropy by varying the Pt thickness and also by introducing Tabuffer layer. We attribute these observations to the micro-structural evolution of Pt layer which hosts the Co layer.


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