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39. Anti-phase single-quantum coherences are not directly detected as they do not induce a voltage in the NMR coil (Tr[IAxBz] = 0), but during the t2 acquisition period, they evolve into sine-modulated in-phase magnetization (anti-phase NMR signal) under the scalar coupling.

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It has been shown previously that for magic angle spinning (MAS) solid state NMR the refocused INADEQUATE spin-echo (REINE) experiment can usefully quantify scalar () couplings in disordered solids. This paper focuses on the two filter components in the original REINE pulse sequence, and investigates by means of a product operator analysis and fits to density matrix simulations the effects that their removal has on the sensitivity of the experiment and on the accuracy of the extracted couplings. The first filter proves unnecessary in all the cases investigated here and removing it increases the sensitivity of the experiment by a factor ∼1.1–2.0. Furthermore, for systems with broad isotropic chemical shift distributions (namely whose full widths at half maximum are greater than 30 times the mean coupling strength), the second filter can also be removed, thus allowing whole-echo acquisition and providing an additional √2 gain in sensitivity. Considering both random and systematic errors in the values obtained, couplings determined by fitting the intensity modulations of REINE experiments carry an uncertainty of 0.2–1.0 Hz (∼1−10 %).


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