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The in-plane strain fields of single-vacancy silicene with different monovacancy (MV) concentrations, as well as the corresponding electronic band structures, are investigated by using the first-principle calculations. Firstly the self-healing MV is found to be the most stable ground structure in silicene, which is different from the other 2D hexagonal honeycomb materials, e.g. graphene,-BN. In the isolated MV center, the bonds along the pentagons are compressed, creating a compress field, and those close to the distorted hexagons are stretched, creating a stretch field. As the MV concentration increasing, the interacted compress field tends to corrugate the defected silicene, while the interacted stretch field impacts little on the low-buckled structure. Especially, the corrugation presents in those supercells with small MV concentration, just as the (4, 5), (4, 6), (4, 7), (4, 8) supercells. The corrugations approach zero at both low and high MV concentrations, and the (4, 6) supercell with a MV concentration of about 0.021, has a peak value of 3.23Å. The electronic calculations show that the linear dispersion at Γ point in pristine silicene is broken by the lower lattice symmetry of the self-healing MV reconstruction, which translates it into metal as well.


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