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One perovskite oxide, SnO ( = Sr, Ba), is a candidate for use as a transparent conductive oxide with high electron mobility in single crystalline form. However, the electron mobility of films grown on SrTiO substrates does not reach the bulk value, probably because of dislocation scattering that originates from the large lattice mismatch. This study investigates the effect of insertion of bilayer BaSnO / (Sr,Ba)SnO for buffering this large lattice mismatch between La:BaSnO and SrTiO substrate. The insertion of 200-nm-thick BaSnO on (Sr,Ba)SnO bilayer buffer structures reduces the number of dislocations and improves surface smoothness of the films after annealing as proved respectively by scanning transmission electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. A systematic investigation of BaSnO buffer layer thickness dependence on Hall mobility of the electron transport in La:BaSnO shows that the highest obtained value of mobility is 78 cm2V−1s−1 because of its fewer dislocations. High electron mobility films based on perovskite BaSnO can provide a good platform for transparent-conducting-oxide electronic devices and for creation of fascinating perovskite heterostructures.


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