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In previous works, most of them employ a linear constitutive model to describe magnetocapacitance (MC) effect in magnetoelectric (ME) composites, which lead to deficiency in their theoretical results. In view of this, based on a nonlinear magnetostrictive constitutive relation and a linear piezoelectric constitutive relation, we establish a nonlinear model for MC effect in PZT-ring/Terfenol-D-strip ME composites. The numerical results in this paper coincide better with experimental data than that of a linear model, thus, it’s essential to utilize a nonlinear constitutive model for predicting MC effect in ME composites. Then the influences of external magnetic fields, pre-stresses, frequencies, and geometric sizes on the MC effect are discussed, respectively. The results show that the external magnetic field is responsible for the resonance frequency shift. And the resonance frequency is sensitive to the ratio of outer and inner radius of the PZT ring. Moreover, some other piezoelectric materials are employed in this model and the corresponding MC effects are calculated, and we find that different type of piezoelectric materials affect the MC effect obviously. The proposed model is more accurate for multifunction devices designing.


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