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Capacitance voltage (CV) measurements are performed on planar MOS capacitors with an AlO dielectric fabricated in hydrogen intercalated monolayer and bilayer graphene grown on 6H-SiC as a function of frequency and temperature. Quantitative models of the CV data are presented in conjunction with the measurements in order to facilitate a physical understanding of graphene MOS systems. An interface state density of order 2 ⋅ 1012 eV−1 cm−2 is found in both material systems. Surface potential fluctuations of order 80-90meV are also assessed in the context of measured data. In bilayer material, a narrow bandgap of 260meV is observed consequent to the spontaneous polarization in the substrate. Supporting measurements of material anisotropy and temperature dependent hysteresis are also presented in the context of the CV data and provide valuable insight into measured and modeled data. The methods outlined in this work should be applicable to most graphene MOS systems.


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