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A bidirectional threshold switching (TS) characteristic was demonstrated in Ag/ZrO/Pt electrochemical metallization cells by using the electrochemical active Ag electrode and appropriate programming operation strategies The volatile TS was stable and reproducible and the rectify ratio could be tuned to ∼107 by engineering the compliance current. We infer that the volatile behavior is essentially due to the moisture absorption in the electron beam evaporated films, which remarkably improved the anodic oxidation as well as the migration of Ag + ions. The resultant electromotive force would act as a driving force for the metal filaments dissolution, leading to the spontaneous volatile characteristics. Moreover, conductance quantization behaviors were also achieved owing to formation and annihilation of atomic scale metal filaments in the film matrix. Our results illustrate that the Ag/ZrO/Pt device with superior TS performances is a promising candidate for selector applications in passive crossbar arrays.


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