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Author Interview: Gerardo Gutiérrez-Juárez, and Luis Polo-Parada

Authors Gutiérrez-Juárez and Polo-Parada discuss the methodology of detecting cancer cells presented in their recently published paper in AIP Advances, “An experimental and theoretical approach to the study of the photoacoustic signal produced by cancer cells”. They also discuss possible improvements to the technology for practical applications.

1. División de Ciencias e Ingenierías-Campus León, Universidad de Guanajuato, León, Gto., México
2. Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
3. Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

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Author Interview: Ifor D. W. Samuel

In this interview Dr. Ifor Samuel from the Organic Semiconductor Centre at the University of St. Andrews, discusses his research team's recent AIP Advances article, Ultra-portable explosives sensor based on a CMOS florescence lifetime analysis micro-system.
Published: 23 November 2011

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Samuel M. Khamis Discusses His Recent AIP Advances Article
Samuel M. Khamis discusses his AIP Advances article, "Optimized photolithographic fabrication process for carbon nanotube devices," which discusses a process that produces large arrays of nanotube transistors for applications ranging from chemical sensors to integrated circuit components. The breakthrough procedure comes about thanks to a fast and efficient fabrication method, which allows thousands of devices to be made each second—a couple of orders of magnitude faster than current technologies. The research represents a significant step in the direction of nanotube-based electronic devices.
Published: 4 August 2011


Samuel M. Khamis on Why He Published His Research in AIP Advances
Adamant Technologies' Samuel M. Khamis talks about his decision to publish his research in AIP Advances. He cites the commenting functionality as well as the accessibility of the journal's articles as the main reasons he looked to this new journal to publish in.
Published: 4 August 2011


Interview with Executive Editor Robert H. Austin

Robert H. Austin is an Executive Editor for AIP Advances, an open access journal for the physical sciences.

Professor Austin discusses the peer review process and standards for this new journal. The more open reviewing process allows for more variety in the published articles' scope and reach. AIP Advances is not your standard physics journal.
Published: 13 July 2011


Interview with Executive Editor Vincent H. Crespi

In this video interview, Vincent H. Crespi, Executive Editor, discusses AIP's newest open-access journal, AIP Advances. Professor Crespi talks about the importance of information discovery, and how, through AIP's rating and commenting modules, the most crucial and important work can be found by the scientific community.
Published: 13 July 2011


Interview with Executive Editor A. T. Charlie Johnson

In this video interview, A. T. Charlie Johnson, Executive Editor, discusses AIP Advances’ open access publishing model, how the Creative Commons license will benefit authors, and the importance of opening up scientific publishing to everyone. Watch the video for Professor Johnson's concise description of how peer review will work for the journal, including how after publication, commenting and rating give added value to each article.
Published: 6 July 2011

Author Interview: A midsize tokamak as a fast track to burning plasmas

Dr. Ernesto Mazzucato, from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, discusses and explains the ideas contained within his article "A midsize tokamak as a fast track to burning plasmas," which was the first article published in AIP Advances.

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Author Interview: Nitrogen is a deep acceptor in ZnO

In this audio interview Prof. Matthew D. McCluskey explains the motivation and findings that he and his research group explore in their recently published article, "Nitrogen is a deep acceptor in ZnO."

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