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Organic solar cells with inverted structures can greatly improve photovoltaic stability. This paper reports a method to lower the work function of indium tin oxide (ITO) in inverted organic solar cells by modification with ultrathin 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) monolayers. The device studies showed that the resulting photovoltaic efficiencies were significantly increased from 0.64% to 4.83% with the use of the APTES monolayer, which could be attributed to the dramatic enhancement in the open-circuit voltage and fill factor. The effective electron selectivity in the case of the APTES-modified ITO could be attributed to the reduction of the work function of ITO as a result of the electron-donating nature of the amine groups in the APTES monolayer. The power conversion efficiency of the unencapsulated inverted organic solar cells with APTES-modified ITO remained above 80% of their original values even after storage in air for thirty days. Our results provide a promising approach to improve the performance of highly efficient and air-stable inverted organic solar cells.


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Scitation: Self-assembled monolayer as an interfacial modification material for highly efficient and air-stable inverted organic solar cells