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The nature and role of trap states in a dendrimer-based organic field-effect transistor explosive sensor
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We report the fabrication and charge transport characterization of carbazole dendrimer-based organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) for the sensing of explosive vapors. After exposure to -nitrotoluene (NT) vapor, the OFET channel carrier mobility decreases due to trapping induced by the absorbed NT. The influence of trap states on transport in devices before and after exposure to NT vapor has been determined using temperature-dependent measurements of the field-effect mobility. These data clearly show that the absorption of NT vapor into the dendrimer active layer results in the formation of additional trap states. Such states inhibit charge transport by decreasing the density of conducting states.


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Scitation: Scitation|The nature and role of trap states in a dendrimer-based organic field-effect transistor explosive sensor