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34.See supplementary material at for the hysteresis effect in the J-V curves, SEM-EDX spectrum for Mg(0.10)-TiO2 nanoparticles, XRD patterns for none-doped TiO2 and Mg(0.10)-TiO2 nanoparticles, SEM images of the surfaces of none-doped TiO2, Mg(0.10)-TiO2, and Mg(0.15)-TiO2 compact films, and XPS spectra of Mg(0.10)-TiO2 compact film.[Supplementary Material]

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In this letter, we report perovskite solar cells with thin dense Mg-doped TiO as hole-blocking layers (HBLs), which outperform cells using TiO HBLs in several ways: higher open-circuit voltage ( ) (1.08 V), power conversion efficiency (12.28%), short-circuit current, and fill factor. These properties improvements are attributed to the better properties of Mg-modulated TiO as compared to TiO such as better optical transmission properties, upshifted conduction band minimum (CBM) and downshifted valence band maximum (VBM), better hole-blocking effect, and higher electron life time. The higher-lying CBM due to the modulation with wider band gap MgO and the formation of magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxides together resulted in an increment of . In addition, the Mg-modulated TiO with lower VBM played a better role in the hole-blocking. The HBL with modulated band position provided better electron transport and hole blocking effects within the device.


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