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The rising significance of organic light emitting diodes as lighting devices puts their peripheral devices into focus as well. Here, we present an organic optoelectronic device allowing for multistable luminance and emission color control. The introduced device is monolithically built up from organic resistive switching elements processed directly on top of a polymer light emitting diode(PLED). This realization, representing a serial connection, allows for precise control of the voltage drop across and thus the current density through the PLED resulting in a control of its luminance. Additionally, by using a fluorescence-phosphoresence host-guest blend as the light emitting layer, it is possible to tune the emission color in the same way. Specifically, focus was set on color temperature tuning in a white light emitting diode. Notable, for all different luminance and color states, the driving voltage is constant, enabling, e.g., a conventional battery as power supply.


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