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Efficient fluorescence/phosphorescence hybrid white organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with single doped co-host structure have been fabricated. Device using 9-Naphthyl-10 -(4-triphenylamine)anthrancene as the fluorescent dopant and Ir(ppy) and Ir(2-phq) as the green and orange phosphorescent dopants show the luminous efficiency of 12.4% (17.6 lm/W, 27.5 cd/A) at 1000 cd/m2. Most important to note that the efficiency-brightness roll-off of the device was very mild. With the brightness rising up to 5000 and 10 000 cd/m2, the efficiency could be kept at 11.8% (14.0 lm/W, 26.5 cd/A) and 11.0% (11.8 lm/W, 25.0 cd/A). The Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage (CIE) coordinates and color rending index (CRI) were measured to be (0.45, 0.48) and 65, respectively, and remained the same in a large range of brightness (1000–10 000 cd/m2), which is scarce in the reported white OLEDs. The performance of the device at high luminance (5000 and 10 000 cd/m2) was among the best reported results including fluorescence/phosphorescence hybrid and all-phosphorescent white OLEDs. Moreover, the CRI of the white OLED can be improved to 83 by using a yellow-green emitter (Ir(ppy)bop) in the device.


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