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We report our studies on the responsivity of sulfur-doped diamondfilms to ultraviolet radiation using two types of device configurations: the planar configuration with electrodes directly on the diamond surface, and the electron field emission configuration with a bias electrode suspended above the diamond surface. Diamondfilms of different grain sizes were employed: microcrystalline diamond, sub-microcrystalline diamond, and nanocrystalline diamond. The responsivity values of diamondfilms in the field emission configuration reached ∼10 mA/W at around 220 nm, which is ∼40% higher than that of the planar configuration. These responsivity values of diamondfilms are comparable to those of commercially available photodiodes in the wavelength range of 210–300 nm, but with the advantage of being solar blind. The responsivity data were correlated with the bandgap structure of sulfur-doped diamond.


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