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We have demonstrated the performance of inverted CHNHPbI perovskite-based solar cells (SCs) with a room temperature (RT) sputteredZnO electron transport layer by adding fullerene (C) interlayer. ZnO exhibits a better matched conduction band level with perovskite and Al work function and around energy offset of 2.2 eV between highest occupied molecular orbital level of CHNHPbIperovskite and valance band level of ZnO. However, the CHNHPbIperovskite layer will be damaged during direct RT sputteringdeposition of ZnO. Therefore, the C interlayer having matched conduction band level with ZnO and CHNHPbIperovskite added between the CHNHPbIperovskite and RT sputteredZnO layers for protection prevents sputtering damages on the CHNHPbIperovskite layer. The short-circuit current density (, 19.41 mA/cm2) and open circuit voltage (, 0.91 V) of the SCs with glass/ITO/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrene-sulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS)/perovskite/C/RT sputtered ZnO/Al structure is higher than the (16.23 mA/cm2) and (0.90 V) of the reference SC with glass/ITO/PEDOT:PSS/perovskite/C/bathocuproine (BCP)/Al structure. Although the SCs with the former structure has a lower fill factor (FF%) than the SCs with the latter structure, its conversion efficiency % (10.93%) is higher than that (10.6%) of the latter.


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