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Using a combination of nanoimprint lithography, gate-source/drain self-alignment, and gravure and inkjet printing, we fabricate organic field-effect transistors on flexible plastic substrates with gate-source and gate-drain electrode overlap capacitances of  < 1 pF, equivalent to channel-width normalised capacitances of  = 0.15–0.23 pF mm−1. We compare photopatterned and nanoimprint lithography patterned channels of  ≈ 3.8 m and  ≈ 800 nm, respectively. The reduction in was found on average to result in order of magnitude greater switching frequencies. Gravure printing the dielectric (versus photo-patterning) was found to yield an order of magnitude lower overlap capacitance = 0.03 pF mm−1, at the expense of greater processing variation. Inkjet printed p- and n-type polymeric organic semiconductors were used to fabricate organic-field effect transistors with a peak cutoff frequencies of  = 9.0 ± 0.3 MHz at  = 30 V, and transition frequencies of  = 3.3 ± 0.2 MHz at  = 30 V.


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