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In this manuscript, we examine ways to create multiferroic composites with controlled nanoscale architecture. We accomplished this by uniformly depositing piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) into templated mesoporous, magnetostrictive cobalt ferrite (CFO) thin films to form nanocomposites in which strain can be transferred at the interface between the two materials. To study the magnetoelectric coupling, the nanostructure was electrically poled prior to magnetic measurements. No samples showed a change in in-plane magnetization as a function of voltage due to substrate clamping. Out-of-plane changes were observed, but contrary to expectations based on total PZT volume fraction, mesoporous CFO samples partially filled with PZT showed more change in out-of-plane magnetization than the sample with fully filled pores. This result suggests that residual porosity in the composite adds mechanical flexibility and results in greater magnetoelectric coupling.


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