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Integrated quantum light sources in photonic circuits are envisaged as the building blocks of future on-chip architectures for quantum logic operations. While semiconductor quantum dots have been proven to be the highly efficient emitters of quantum light, their interaction with the host material induces spectral decoherence, which decreases the indistinguishability of the emitted photons and limits their functionality. Here, we show that the indistinguishability of in-plane photons can be greatly enhanced by performing resonance fluorescence on a quantum dot coupled to a photonic crystal waveguide. We find that the resonant optical excitation of an exciton state induces an increase in the emitted single-photon coherence by a factor of 15. Two-photon interference experiments reveal a visibility of 0.80 ± 0.03, which is in good agreement with our theoretical model. Combined with the high in-plane light-injection efficiency of photonic crystal waveguides, our results pave the way for the use of this system for the on-chip generation and transmission of highly indistinguishable photons.


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