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Energy level alignments at tris(8-hydroquinoline) aluminum/8-hydroquinolatolithium/aluminum interfaces
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The electronic structures of tris(8-hydroquinoline) aluminum-hydroquinolatolithium (Liq)/Al interfaces were studied using in situ ultraviolet and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. We constructed complete energy level diagrams and analyzed chemical interactions at the interface. When Liq was inserted between Al and , the electron injection barrier was reduced by compared to the structure without Liq. Additionally, a gap state was observed in the gap of Liq, which is related to an interfacial reaction. The N spectra revealed that there were destructive chemical reactions between and Al, which could be prevented by inserting Liq between them.


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Scitation: Energy level alignments at tris(8-hydroquinoline) aluminum/8-hydroquinolatolithium/aluminum interfaces