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Orientation-dependent conductance study of pentacene nanocrystals by conductive atomic force microscopy
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Oriented pentacene nanocrystals with long molecular axis either parallel or perpendicular to a Au substrate were prepared on a bare Ausurface or a self-assembled monolayer (SAM)-modified Ausurface, respectively. The conductance across the differently oriented pentacene crystals were measured by conductive atomic force microscopy in a similar device configuration of Au/SAM/pentacene/Au-tip and Au/pentacene/SAM-modified-Au-tip, respectively. Rectifying current was observed depending on the location of the SAM in the device. With an average thickness of , the conductance along the stacking direction ( plane) was nearly five orders of magnitude larger than along the layer direction ( axis).


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Scitation: Orientation-dependent conductance study of pentacene nanocrystals by conductive atomic force microscopy