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Direct observation of the charge carrier concentration in organic field-effect transistors by electron spin resonance
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18.The present measurements have been done by adopting the top-contact geometry, where we have to consider the carriers accumulated under the drain and source electrodes in addition to those accumulated in the channel region shown in Fig. 4(b). However, the total carrier concentration is formulated by the same form as Eq. (2) even for the top-contact FETs within the framework of the gradual channel approximation by adjusting the channel length to include the widths of the electrodes. Thus, there are no ambiguities arising from the geometry of the device in the present study.
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Charge carrier concentration in operating field-effect transistor(FET) of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) has been directly determined by electron spin resonance(ESR).ESR signals of field-induced polarons are observed around under the application of negative gate-source voltage . Upon applying drain-source voltage , ESR intensity decreases linearly in the low region, reaching to about 50% of the initial intensity at the pinch-off point . For larger absolute values of , it becomes nearly independent. These behaviors are well explained by the change in the carrier concentration obtained by the FET theory using gradual channel approximation.


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Scitation: Direct observation of the charge carrier concentration in organic field-effect transistors by electron spin resonance