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Reliable thin film encapsulation for organic light emitting diodes grown by low-temperature atomic layer deposition
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We report on highly efficient gas diffusion barriers for organic light emitting diodes(OLEDs). Nanolaminate (NL) structures composed of alternating and sublayers grown by atomic layer deposition at are used to realize long-term stable OLEDdevices. While the brightness of phosphorescent OLEDs sealed by a single layer drops to 85% of the initial luminance of after 1000 h of continuous operation, OLEDs encapsulated with the NL retain more than 95% of their brightness. An extrapolated device lifetime substantially in excess of 10 000 h can be achieved, clearly proving the suitability of the NLs as highly dense and reliable thin film encapsulation of sensitive organic electronic devices.


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Scitation: Reliable thin film encapsulation for organic light emitting diodes grown by low-temperature atomic layer deposition